On-Board Industrial Solutions

What We Do

OBIS is your partner whether the need is for resident contractors to perform routine facility Maintenance, Multi-Disiplinary Capital Projects, TAR's or Emergency Services requiring R-Stamp Certification. On-Board has the infrastructure and experience to provide world class service.


With over five decades of hands on experience, On-Board’s professional staff, site-management and skilled labor have the dicipline specific expertise to effectively collaborate with our partners to design a customized program to fit your operations. Using this approach gives On-Board an edge over its competitors because it’s right sized, scalable and cost effective.


  • Safe, Reliable & Flexible

  • Qualified pool of dedicated skilled resources

  • Innovative Solutions to maximize efficiency 

  • KPI Driven Cost Savings and Continuous Improvement

Man Fixing Pipe
Man Fixing Pipe

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Reinforcing Steel
Reinforcing Steel

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Constuction Worker
Constuction Worker

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Man Fixing Pipe
Man Fixing Pipe

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Program Success Stories

Client - Fortune 500 Manufacturing 


  • Industrial Construction Services for;

    • General and daily site maintenance

    • Small to mid-sized capital project support

  • Site teams ranging from 5-100 people in the following crafts

    • Electrical

    • Mechanical: Plumbing - HVAC - Welding - ASME "R" Stamp Code Welding - Pipe Fitting - Instrument Fitting - Sheet Metal

    • Insulation

Scope of Work

  • Construction Management

  • Variable work force

  • Craft Resourcing Pooling

  • Project Scheduling

  • Procurement and Expediting

  • Non Destructive testing and evaluation

Keys to Success

  • Competitive Craft Labor Rates

  • Streamlined Management

  • Continuous Improvements and Cost Initiatives

  • Craft Resource Pooling

  • Continuity of workflow

  • Emergency Services

Client - Leading Oil and Gas Provider


- Upgrade existing wastewater treatment plant 

- Turn-key project - conceptual to start-up

Scope of Work 

- Place existing oil water separator in service

- Install new dissolved air flotation unit

- Install new reaction system with spill containment

- Upgrade to DCS control of process

- Scope included civil, structural, electrical, control systems, process and mechanical

Keys to Success

- Executed transition from Design to Construction

- Coordination of equipment, materials and craft

- Leveraged procurement services from home offices

Business Capabilities

Industrial Construction Services
  • Resident Site Maintenance

  • Turnarounds

  • Small to mid-sized capital Project support

  • Project management 

  • Project scheduling

  • Crafts supervision

  • Certified craftsmen under NCCER

  • Planning/ Scheduling/ Project Controls

  • Procurement & expediting

  • Craft resource pooling

  • Equipment and component lifecycle evaluation

  • Non-destructive testing and evaluation

  • Preventative maintenance inspections

  • Operations inspections

  • Cooling and heating calibrations

  • Oil analysis

  • Condenser cleaning

  • Control inspections

  • Annual safety training

  • Annual belt replacements

  • Ozone depleting Substances policies

  • Emergency services  

  • Humidifier services



  • ASME Code “R” Stamp Certified    

    • Shop and field

    • Alteration and repair

  • GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding – MIG)

  • GTAW (Tungsten Inert Gas – TIG)

  • TIG  (Tungsten Inert Gas)

  • SMAW (Arc Welding)

  • Gas or Oxy Acetylene Welding and cutting


Pipe Fitting & Systems

  • Threaded

  • Welded

  • Stainless

  • Carbon

  • Lined Piping

  • Fiberglass


  • Instrument fitting



  • Insulation and lagging for piping

  • Insulation and lagging for ductwork systems

  • Equipment insulation

  • Vessel and tank insulation

  • Insulation replacement


Interior & Exterior Wiring

  • Electrical Service Upgrades 

  • Generators and Substations

  • Power Distribution 

  • Motor Control Centers 

  • High & Low Voltage Work

  • Transformer Service

  • Preventative Maintenance


Lighting Indoor / Outdoor / Security / Fluorescent / Emergency

  • Machinery Installation, Repair & Relocation

  • Plant Relocation

  • Meter Controls

  • Fans

  • Overhead Crane Inspection & Repair


Machine Design & Power Control

  • Panel Fabrication

  • Industrial Control Wiring

  • AC / DC Motor Controls

  • Solid State Controls

  • Programmable Controllers

  • Process Controls

  • Instrumentation

  • Robotics Installation

  • Equipment Upgrading


Computer Room & Network Cabling

  • Intercom Systems

  • Closed Circuit TV

  • File Protection & Security Systems

  • Cable Fault Locating

  • Energy Conservation & Management

  • Telecommunications Cabling

  • Foreign Machinery

  • Hazardous Area & Explosion Proof Wiring

General Maintenance
  • Concrete repair

  • General carpentry

  • Carpet and flooring repair

  • Wall repair and new sheeting installed

  • All office furniture movement and repair

  • Drain / gutter / downspout repair and replacement

  • General outdoor clean up

  • General small construction projects

  • Door replacements

  • New wall installations

  • Indoor roof repair and replacement

  • Relocating small and medium size equipment

  • Ceiling grid repair and replacement

  • Painting